Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Glimpse at My Life: 5 Years Married Today

My husband and I have been married five years today.

I wish that I could share with you the wisest of wisdom that I have learned over the past five years.  But unfortunately most of the lessons I have learned I have unlearned and relearned...and so forth.

Here are a few things I know a little better than I did five years ago...

Being right isn't always all you think it's going to be.  I like being right.  I don't like being wrong.  I think it's just human nature that we don't want to admit that we're wrong.  But I am *learning* that admitting that I'm wrong doesn't make me a bad person and it doesn't make me weak.  But being right still makes me feel REAL good!

It's best to pick your battles.  Yep, that is true.  I am *learning* when to open my mouth and when to keep it closed.  Keep in mind that the rules are different here in Egypt than they are in the States (although, if I had followed this rule back in the States the same way we do most of the time here, well, I might not have gotten into so much trouble back then.)

A battle can never be won if you fight it in public.  Drama drama drama...I really do hate drama.  Don't get me wrong I was the queen of drama back in the day but not as much now.  Actually now I can use the threat of drama as a way of closing the subject...not that I would actually follow through (or if I did then the regret would be HUGE and the apologies LONG).

Family comes first.  Priorities are a tricky thing.  When in doubt, family comes first.  Well, that's all I'll say about that.

My husband is my best friend.  My husband and I make a great team.  Period.

Marriage is a picture of how God loves us.  I have learned so much about faith and trust in the Lord that I never knew before being married to my husband.  And forgiveness...

I am sure that there are many more things to add to this list but this is all that comes to mind right now.

Now on to the next 5 years Lord willing!


  1. Yay marriage! I can't believe it's been five years! That's fantastic! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Erin and Sameh! It was great getting to meet with ya'll! Jen

  3. Thanks Chels! I know the time has gone by so fast!

    Jen it was so great to see you and we hope to see you & Chuck soon in Cairo. =)


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