Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Egypt

Okay, so maybe this face would only bring the grandparents (and maybe an auntie as well).  It was worth a try!

I know, I know, this may seem cliche but being the only surviving Ancient Wonder of the World - there is nothing like seeing them for yourself!

And don't forget the SPHINX as well!  It kind of goes hand-in-hand with the Pyramids since they are right next to each other anyways.

Surprised?  I couldn't believe how good these babies are in Egypt!  Granted you can only get them fresh (as in - from the donkey cart on the side of the street) from about July to September, but they are well worth the wait.  I have seen several kinds too, from huge red ones to tiny green ones...the deliciousness can't get any better!

Speaking of which, I have a few of these in my refrigerator that I need to eat soon.  Jealous?

Like history?  Like Biblical history?  Come on, don't you want to walk where Moses walked?!!  It is quite a hike to the top of what is traditionally known as Mt. Sinai but well worth the trip.  If you're particularly ambitious, you can hike the entire thing.  Or if you're more like the rest of us (or me), you can ride a camel up halfway...and then trot up the rest of the Stairs of Repentance (hey! I didn't name it that).  You can hike it at night and then wait for the sunrise - which is my favorite.

Cairo traffic is not an experience for the faint of heart.  Yes, you will gasp a few times when that car just barely *scrapes* by you...but we are ALL about the adventures here!

Sailing down the Nile River sounds so exotic, doesn't it?  This is a must-do in Egypt.  Even in the middle of Cairo (you DID read #5, didn't you?), there is something strangely peaceful about being out on a boat on the Nile.  The warm breeze in your hair, the gentle lapping of the water, the swaying of the boat beneath you, the bright sun on your can just feel it, can't you?

I know what you're thinking...the WHAT?!!!  Yes, perhaps the best snorkeling in Egypt is just outside a little place called Dahab.  Apparently this location is world-renown to divers as being one of the best diving sites in the world...I wouldn't know because I only got as close as the surface (aka snorkeling).  But it's pretty awe-inspiring from the top as well!

Perhaps the most famous Egyptian pharaoh ever known, King Tut's story is a bit of a mystery and I think this adds to the fascination the world has with him.  The Tutankhamun Affair by Christian Jacq (my FAVORITE Egyptian historical fiction author) tells the fictionalized story of Howard Carter and the discovery of King Tut's tomb, in case you're interested.  This is the main reason why we send all our guests to the Egyptian Museum - to see the contents of the only pharaoh's tomb found intact.  I think it's well worth the trip!

What beats watching an early morning sunrise by hot air balloon?  I have done this only once - got attacked by a tree on the way down (a story for another time) - but even though I am not a morning person, this was my favorite thing we did in Luxor!

#10 OM ALI
Honestly, this one was a toss-up between Om Ali and Roz bi Leban (Egyptian rice pudding).  But since I have this obsession with almost always trying the Om Ali whenever I see it on the menu, I thought it best to share this one with you.  Om Ali ("mother of Ali" in Arabic) is the Egyptian bread pudding made with phyllo dough, raisins, nuts, and sweet milk.  It is served warm and is utterly delicious!

Wow!  Now that I think about it, I really COULD go on.  Would you like a Top 20 list instead?!  But seriously, this is an amazing country, and I wish I could share it with everyone.

Ahlan wasahlan!  You are welcome to come visit us anytime.

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  1. Great top ten... nice to see the blue hole listed! My fav:) You definitely need a top 20!

  2. #1. YESSSSSSS!
    #2. Agreed. Amazing.
    #3. Mango juice. Enough said.
    #4. I NEED to climb this.
    #5. I love adventures!
    #6. Mmhmm..
    #7. I wish I was better at snorkeling. Remember when we went? I still laugh everytime I think about our guide (and the man on the boat who fell down while dancing). ha.
    #8. Yep.
    #9. Looks like another item on my to-do list...
    #10. Yum!

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