Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Rental Car Crazy Moment

Today I walked out into the parking lot and almost got into the wrong car.  Yes, it looked just like the one I am renting here in KY.  Same color...same model...same car

Except for the Camels cigarettes in the door.  And the missing car seat in the back seat.

But the door opened.  And I almost sat down in the driver's seat.  I wonder now what would I have done next.

Somehow I think this is something that would only happen to Kentucky.  No it wouldn't happen to me in someplace exotic like...well, Europe or maybe even Egypt.  No, it has to happen in normal old Louisville, KY.

The funny thing is that when I realized that that wasn't my car I looked over to the next row of cars in front of me.  And saw another couple walking around my car.

So now I didn't feel so stupid.  I mean, now I had people to share my stupidity with.  Now I realized that perhaps this was why the car door opened on the other car when I *pushed* the remote entry on my key.  They pushed it.  My stupid key didn't open some stranger's car door.


So I did the only logical thing one could do in this type of situation.  I mean, seriously, this was too perfect of a moment to share by myself.  I walked right up to them and laughed, saying "I think I just did the exact same thing to your car."

It's amazing how doing something equally stupid instantly bonds people.  I stood there for several minutes with complete strangers with nothing in common except for the fact that we were driving basically the same car.  And that we had just done the same stupid thing like almost get in the other person's car.

I think I pinched myself later, thinking I had just dreamed up the incident.

But I can still see myself looking down at that box of cigarettes in the door of their car, thinking...Oh no, my key just opened up the door of someone else's car.  What if they drove off in my car? (Yes and they just HAPPENED to leave their identical make and model car in its place)

I have a feeling that for the next couple of weeks I will hesitate before I get into my car again.

Wouldn't you?

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