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I just want to map out a few things in order to make navigating this blog a little easier.

If you're interested in reading about... (bold denotes popular posts)

Living abroad in Egypt
100 Things to Do in Egypt yes, that's 100 things to do in Egypt
Top 10 Reasons to Visit Egypt a list of 10 of my favorite things about Egypt
Finding Your Way Home in Cairo a little about my experience with taxis in Cairo
Ladies Only find out what happens in a place where no men are allowed
Working in Egypt reflections about working in Egypt as an expat
The Great Egyptian Debate a cultural lesson in going out to eat with Egyptians
Language Barriers a look at tourists from an expat's viewpoint
Ramadan Time a perspective on Ramadan in Egypt
Sweet Things to Eat a little about the best Egyptian desserts
Re-Entry: Coming Back to Cairo arriving in Cairo after going home to the U.S.
When the President Moves a look at everyday life in Egypt
An Insider's Guide to Egyptian Hospitality do's and don'ts of visiting & having visitors
Ladies Only, Cleopatra-Style my 2nd visit to a no-men-allowed beauty parlor in Cairo
Egypt Essentials: The Stationery Shop don't live without pens & paper, even in Egypt
Fighting a Cold in Egypt the nuts and bolts of what's available in Egypt for a cold
10 Tips for Surviving a Cairo Taxi Ride my best advice for the best taxi experience

Being a newcomer to Cairo
The Wonder Years, Part 1: Arriving in Cairo what it was like to arrive in Cairo
The Wonder Years, Part 2: Learning to Speak Arabic my journey to speaking Arabic
The Wonder Years, Part 3: Seeing the Sights of Cairo how to be a tourist in Cairo
The Wonder Years, Part 4: Dealing with Culture Shock drama of adjusting to Egypt
The Wonder Years, Part 5: Making Egyptian Friends getting to know Egyptians

A look at the USA (Kentucky) from an American expat's point of view
What Americans Would Miss everyday things we love not available elsewhere
Expat Goin' Home my experience on the way home to Kentucky
Big City Convert realizing how little the *big* city of Louisville is next to Cairo
Confessions of a Walmart Junkie the joy of coming home and going to Walmart
Where the Green Grass Grows realizing how green the USA is after living in Egypt
Help! I'm in Redneck Central stereotypes alive and well in Kentucky
A Rental Car Crazy Moment a true story of how I almost got into the wrong rental car
The Rental Car That Couldn't what I did when my rental car broke down
A Pet Lover in Exile reflections on life without pets abroad
My Love Affair with Febreze Febreze and reflections on the good life in Egypt
Expat Goin' Home (The Other Way) returning to Egypt after a visit to the States

What it's like to be an expat mom
14 Tips for How to Fly International With Baby surviving int'l flights with baby
Having a Baby Overseas my experience having a baby in Egypt
My Baby Food Experience in Egypt the challenge of finding baby food in Egypt
Recovering from Small World Syndrome surviving life as a stay-at-home mom
Getting Around with an Infant in Cairo transportation challenges with a baby in Cairo
Expat Mum Expectations coming to terms with the reality of being an expat mom
Connecting with Other Expat Moms things learned while trying to meet expat moms
Finding a Pediatrician in Egypt the challenges of finding a doctor for my son
How Becoming a Mother Changed My Life as an Expat from expat to expat mom
The Expecting Expat Mom's Buying Guide: For Mama what to buy if you're pregnant
The Expecting Expat Mom's Buying Guide: For Baby how to buy baby stuff
Buying Children's Books in Cairo where I buy my son books in Cairo
Getting Immunizations Abroad my experience and advice on vaccines in Egypt
Activities for Baby in Egypt: A Review of Dados Egypt great place for baby classes
Finding Baby Items in Egypt where to buy the necessities for baby in Egypt
My First Year as an Expat Mom things I learned in one year as a new expat mom

Cooking abroad
Intro to My Cairo Kitchen: The Key to Successful Cooking Abroad what to bring
What's So Different about Cooking Abroad? 3 ways that cooking in Egypt is different
Holiday Cooking Overseas: A Thanksgiving Feast getting ready for Thanksgiving
Holiday Cooking Overseas: Christmas Cookies a favorite recipe for sugar cookies
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