Friday, December 10, 2010

100 Things to Do in Egypt

  1. Visit the Giza Pyramids
  2. Visit the Sphinx
  3. Visit the Solar Barque (Boat) Museum
  4. Ride a camel
  5. Take a Cairo taxi
  6. Eat lunch at the Pizza Hut overlooking the Pyramids
  7. Have lunch at Felfela downtown
  8. Visit the Egyptian Museum
  9. Watch the Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids
  10. Walk across the Qasr el-Nile Bridge from downtown Cairo to the Gezirah or Zamalek island
  11. Buy books at the American University of Cairo bookstore in downtown Cairo
  12. Visit the Cairo Tower
  13. Have dinner at the Revolving Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Cairo hotel
  14. Sit inside the Mosque of Muhammad Ali and look up at the chandelier and dome lamps (Citadel)
  15. Check out all the different pillars inside the Mamluk mosque (Citadel)
  16. Enjoy the view overlooking Islamic Cairo from the Citadel
  17. Take a walking tour of Islamic Cairo
  18. Visit the Hanging Church (Coptic Cairo)
  19. Visit the Church of St. George (Coptic Cairo)
  20. Visit the Ben Ezra Synagogue (Coptic Cairo)
  21. Visit the Amr Ibn Al-Aas mosque (1st mosque built in Egypt and in Africa)
  22. Visit Al-Azhar Park
  23. Watch the sunset at the Citadel View restaurant at Al-Azhar Park
  24. Shop for souvenirs at the Khan El-Khalili tourist bazaar
  25. Eat lunch at the Naguib Mahfouz cafe in Khan El-Khalili
  26. Drink coffee at El Fishawy's coffeehouse in Khan El-Khalili
  27. Ride the Cairo metro
  28. Walk along the Corniche El-Nile
  29. Eat koshary
  30. Eat foul sandwiches
  31. Eat ta'amiya (fried fava bean patties)
  32. Visit the Al-Azhar mosque
  33. Visit the Al-Hussein mosque
  34. Walk over the bridge to visit the other side of the Khan El-Khalili area
  35. Watch a whirling dervish show
  36. Watch a belly dancing show
  37. Take a Nile cruise in Cairo
  38. Visit the Cave Church in Mokattam
  39. Visit the Recycling Center in the Garbage Village
  40. Ride on a felucca sailboat in Cairo
  41. Attend an Egyptian wedding
  42. Walk in downtown Cairo at night
  43. Eat at Abou El Sid restaurant in Zamalek
  44. Visit a glass blowing factory
  45. Go shopping for used books in Abbassia
  46. Walk around the Wikalat al-Balah area downtown
  47. Visit the Giza Zoo
  48. Drink fresh fruit juice from a street fruit juice stand (at your own risk)
  49. Eat Roz bi-Leban (Rice with Milk) from El Malky
  50. Have dinner at an Egyptian family's home (best food in Egypt)
  51. Attend an Egyptian church service
  52. Attend an international church service
  53. Visit an Egyptian orphanage
  54. Learn how to make ma3shi wara aneib (stuffed grape leaves)
  55. Eat fresh fetir
  56. Ride on a microbus
  57. Visit an Egyptian sporting club
  58. Break the fast with Muslims during Ramadan
  59. Visit the Saqarra Pyramids
  60. Visit the camel market
  61. Visit the Pharaonic Village
  62. Shop at City Stars Mall
  63. Take the train to Alexandria
  64. Visit the Alexandria Library
  65. Visit Montazah Palace Gardens in Alexandria
  66. Walk along the Corniche in Alexandria
  67. Visit Pompey's Pillar in Alexandria
  68. Eat at an open-air fish restaurant in Alexandria
  69. Go snorkeling at the Blue Hole in Dahab
  70. Climb Mt. Sinai
  71. Visit the St. Catherine monastery
  72. Go parasailing in Sharm El-Sheikh
  73. See the mangrove trees at Ras Muhammad National Park
  74. Walk along the boardwalk at night in Naama Bay (Sharm El-Sheikh)
  75. Eat at the Hard Rock Cafe Sharm El-Sheikh
  76. Spend the night in the desert
  77. See the White Desert
  78. See the Black Desert
  79. Visit the Bahariya Oasis
  80. Go four-wheeling on the sand dunes
  81. Visit the Siwa Oasis
  82. Visit the Luxor Temple
  83. Watch the Sound & Light Show at the Karnak Temple (Luxor)
  84. Watch the sunrise by hot air balloon over Luxor
  85. Visit the Temple of Hatshepsut (Luxor)
  86. Visit the Valley of the Kings, in particular King Tut's tomb (Luxor)
  87. Visit the Valley of the Queens, in particular Queen Nefertari's tomb (Luxor)
  88. Visit Medinet Habu (Luxor)
  89. Visit the Ramesseum (Luxor)
  90. See the Colossi of Memnon (Luxor)
  91. Visit the Luxor Museum (Luxor)
  92. Take a carriage ride in Luxor
  93. Eat at the McDonald's across from the Luxor Temple
  94. See the Aswan High Dam
  95. Visit the Temple of Abu Simbol
  96. Take a boat ride on Lake Victoria
  97. Take a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan
  98. Visit Kum-Ombo Temple
  99. Visit the Edfu Temple
  100. Visit the Philae Temple


  1. Dear me, I'm going to be busy this month, booked solid to fit most of this exciting stuff in. Have you heard of Dahab Island? It's in the middle of Cairo, I forget where, and it was featured in the Egypt Today Magazine a while ago. I'm adding that to my list, so that makes it 101 things to do!

  2. Too funny, just don't eat too much (I realized later that 1/3 of these things are food-related... what does that mean?) I hadn't heard of Dahab Island.



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