Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Egypt Ramblings" Article Featured in Escape From America Magazine

Egypt Ramblings' article My Cairo Kitchen: The Key to Successful Cooking Abroad is featured this month in the Escape from America magazine December 2010 issue. This issue is available online where you can read many articles pertaining to life abroad all over the world.

I must admit that I am new to Escape from America as well as their Escape Artist and Expat Daily News sister sites (on which my article Pet Lover in Exile appeared last month). But at just a glance, you will realize - like I did - that the overload of information about expat living available on these sites is just the beginning.

There so many sites out there with great resources for expats living abroad as well as those considering moving to a foreign country! I hope you keep this in mind if you ever plan on moving overseas!

And let me just say that if you're reading Escape from America BEFORE you move abroad, you are way ahead of the game!


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