Friday, December 03, 2010

Photos of Egypt: What to Do in Cairo Traffic?

I never suffer from a lack of things to do while sitting in traffic in Cairo... and we sit in traffic A LOT in Cairo.

I like to read billboards along the road. If they're in Arabic, I try my best to read them. This one for Galaxy chocolate has Arabic along the bottom (although I'm thinking it says "Fruit & Nut," what do you think?)

There are lots of billboards everywhere so this keeps me busy for a while.

I like to look down on the crowded streets below full of cars and people and think to myself... I'm so glad I'm not down there.

Or I might look down at the moving traffic down below and think... I sure wish I was down there.

I do this kind of wishful thinking pretty often while riding on the roads in Cairo.

I might be thinking... Oh, those poor people sitting in that traffic over there.

Although secretly I'm thrilled because there's nothing worse than sitting in traffic on this bridge with no exits in sight to escape it.
But less than 2 minutes later I'm thinking... Oh, I wish we were over there in that lane.

Until we get a little farther down the road to find that the reason why traffic is so good on that side is because there's an accident holding up the cars.

Then I check to make sure my son is still asleep...

I think we wore him out in music class that day because he fell asleep the moment we got in the car and slept all the way home.

Doesn't he just look so peaceful? When he was younger I used to spend a lot of time sitting and watching him sleep.
But back to the road...

Now I'm watching the Aramex guy fly down the road on his motor scooter. He's weaving in and out of cars, sometimes squeezing through narrow gaps between cars that don't seem quite bit enough for him to fit through.

Until he gets a phone call. Then he slows down because I'd imagine it's hard driving a motor scooter with one hand.

Mobile phones are a serious driving hazard in Cairo.

We finally reach our neighborhood.

I'd forgotten how busy Sheraton is during the day. This is because there are lots of companies in our area.

I'm so glad we don't live on this street where people double-park on both sides of the road.

Then it's just two rights and a left... and we're home.



  1. Hello I am a student in high school in Colorado. My name is Javon and our teacher assigned us a project to explore and learn about a foreign country of our choice, and I chose Egypt. I have done numerous parts to this project including researching about the country, reading a book about the country, and now we are at the point where we need to connect with someone who is living in the country right now. So I was wondering if you could give me some insight into what a typical day in egypt is like for you, and also describe for me some cultural differences you have encountered since moving there from the U.S. Please respond promptly and your information would be very helpful and very appreciated from me. Thank you


  2. Hi Javon! I am happy to answer some of your questions, but it might be helpful if you email me so that I can answer you quickly (and have the space to do so). My email is owene25 AT yahoo DOT com. Take care!

  3. I'm like you, read the billboards to improve my Arabic. When I'm bored from that I switch to my iPhone and browse the internet, twitter, maybe take photos if there is something unusual happening (which is usually daily).

  4. Londoneya, I do the exact same. Although sometimes I have to stop looking at my iPhone because it makes me a bit carsick.

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