Thursday, August 12, 2010

When the President Moves

I was realizing as I was just on my way home today that the Egyptian president or someone else important will be moving soon.  How did I know that?

Sixth sense, maybe.  A revelation, definitely.  Or maybe I am just that smart.  ;-)  You pick!

So first I must clarify that by "moving" I mean "driving in a car from one place to another."  I know that in English it doesn't make sense that way but right now I can't think of the correct way of saying it in English.  (Occupational hazard of learning and speaking a 2nd language)

Okay, I admit it - I am NOT clairvoyant.  Actually the truth is that the Egyptian president lives on our side of town.  The actual location of his house is a mystery to me, although they block off a whole section of Heliopolis inside of which is his house somewhere.  So we don't exactly have a White House sitting around here for everybody to drive by and take pictures.

Pictures of government buildings and bridges are, in fact, forbidden here in Egypt.

But what every Egyptian knows is that when a street is lined with black-uniformed soldiers and plainclothes police that the president will be moving soon.  And you certainly don't want to get stuck in the traffic that clogs up the streets once they shut down roads to let him pass by.

I am not sure that today being the 2nd day of Ramadan that shutting down any roads during rush hour would be a very good idea, but hey they don't ask my opinion now do they?

At any rate, I am just sitting here breathing a sigh of relief that I am at home right now where the electricity is back on and my son is asleep in his bed.

And I can feel sorry for all those poor people who are out on the roads right now...

Hmmm...or maybe I should just go eat a piece of chocolate.

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