Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Confessions of a Walmart Junkie

Okay, I admit it.  One of the things I miss most about the States is Walmart.  And if I come home and can't make it to a Walmart or Target within 24 hours of arriving in the States, I go into some kind of withdrawal mode.

Well, usually I arrange it so that I HAVE to go to Walmart soon after we arrive because I refuse to bring any toiletries with me so that I have to buy them here.

Sorry, no shampoo?!  Walmart run!

What, no toothpaste?!  Walmart run!

We have often flown into Northern KY (the Cincinnati airport is on the Kentucky side of the river, people) and we usually stay in the Hyatt Place in Florence, KY.  But what my husband may not be aware of is the fact that this is also the closest hotel to the nearest Walmart to the airport there...

I am seriously addicted.

What is the draw?  Well, I think until anyone spends a significant amount of time outside the U.S. they may not realize how difficult it is to find even the simplest of items in stores abroad.  And if you CAN find what you're looking for, chances are that the price is much more expensive than what you pay for it here.  I mean, you have to figure in the shipment and customs in addition to the production price.  And that adds up quickly.

So to come home and find everything so readily available with new flavors and colors and, well, seemingly unlimited options.  Let's just say a girl can go crazy in there!

I usually stick with the basic items that I use on a daily basis.  And then I make sure I buy a kind that I can't get back home.  And then, provided I don't go overboard while we're here, I get to pack it up and take the rest home to enjoy for the next month or so.

It's my own way of spoiling myself, you see.  It's the little things that count anyways, right?

And speaking of Walmart...I think it's time for another run.

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