Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Separation of Mama & Woman

I think that regardless of what country you live in or what country you're from that the idea of being a mother is remains the same.  Many women become mothers and this defines them.  Some take to it so naturally that you might think perhaps that they were born mothers.  I find myself somewhere in the middle.  In fact, I have been perfectly happy for the past 7 months to define myself as the "mother of Amir." 

Interesting fact about the Arab world (and it may be true in other cultures as well) is that many women will actually be called the "mother of (insert oldest son's name here)" although I think this tends to hold true more with the lower classes rather than upper & more Westernized classes.  The first time I met the lady that cleans our house, my husband said that her name was "Om Fady" (Mother of Fady) and I was like "what?!"  So when he left I asked her her name again and she said it again herself "Om Fady."  I had to ask a couple of times to get her actual name.
Don't get me wrong, I am COMPLETELY happy being Amir's mama.  I love that I am able to stay at home with him everyday and not have to go off to work and leave him to daycare.  This means I get to experience every moment with him, to see each new thing he learns, and to capture these moments on camera.  Sometimes I feel like we are living in a dream world where everything else is just kind of a haze, although less so now in the past few months as we are getting out more.

But I guess there is a separation that has to come as well between the woman herself and the "mama persona" that she has become.  Maybe it's not so much a "separation" as maintaining a healthy balance across the board - whether in dealing with my husband or other family members or in interacting with others outside the home.

I have so much respect for moms around the world who are successful as individuals as well as being great moms.  It seems such a daunting task to try to be a great mother and to still have goals & dreams for myself as well!   


  1. I am so super excited to know about your blog! Haven't read it yet, have an appointment, but wanted to stop by and say Yay!!

  2. I can see how it would feel kind of surreal. It's so big and permanent. On a small scale, I felt like that when I got married. I was so excited and thrilled, but it was also bizarre to think how specifically chosen my life path was all of a sudden. I'm glad you're so happy. :)

  3. Thanks to Ann and Lacie both for your comments! Lacie, yes, it does seem a bit surreal to be married and now to have a baby...I still have to pinch myself that this is really my life. =)


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