Friday, July 30, 2010

I Joined the iPhone Craze

I know what you're she trying to sell us something?  NO, I am simply making my confession to the world that I have taken the plunge.

Let me give you a little background on my cell phone ("mobiles" here in Egypt) history.  Ten years ago I was one of only TWO in my class who didn't have a cell phone.  No kidding!

And I held out for as long as I could.

I finally got my first cell phone only when I absolutely HAD to because I was renting the upstairs room in this lady's house and couldn't use her phone.

Even when I came to Egypt the first time, buying a mobile was not high on my list of priorities.  I don't think it was even a thought in my head until much later!  Somehow I had in mind that I was in a third-world country and somehow needed to *rough* it (as in, do things the hard way).  Silly, silly Erin!  What was I THINKING?!

First step...getting a phone.

Second step...getting a phone that wasn't the cheapest one in the store.  I don't know what it is but somehow I have always felt guilty about buying a nicer phone.  I mean, it's just a PHONE right?!  You talk on it and that's about it.


Oh, if you could see me now.  Now I must admit that I HAVE had nicer phones (mostly Nokia) in recent years that had some bells and whistles on them.  But nothing like an iPhone before!  This is unlike any world I have ever known!

And the iPhone is particularly addictive due to the wide range of applications available for download.  I think there really is just about anything you can imagine available.  And many of them are FREE (yes, I said FREE!)

Now I got my iPhone just last Christmas so this means I have had it for less than a year.  So I know I am not nearly as iPhone-savvy as many others out there are.  But I can waste (I mean "spend") a lot of time on this baby!  And you should see me when I meet other iPhone users - it's like we're in some special club or something.  Hilarious!

So now the question you may be asking what applications are you using?  (I thought you'd NEVER ask? ;-))

Here are my Top 5 applications in use:
1.  Facebook
2.  Total Baby
3.  MobileRSS
4.  Solebon
5.  AllRecipes Pro

Honorable Mention:  iPhone Weather, TextFree, Free Pedometer, SYTYCD Fan, Craigslist

Do YOU have an iPhone?  If so, what are your favorite applications?


  1. No iphone for me, but our friend has an ipad. now that thing was cool. he takes it to work at a daycare and those little ones love it. it teaches them colors and animals from the free apps he has downloaded. i got to play sudoku on it and was happy, if only it came with a camera so you could skype. =)

  2. Sameh just got an iPad this time back to the States and we have had a blast playing on it. I'm having to initiate him into the app world but he is definitely getting the hang of this. =)

  3. We have talked with Verizon and they told us that the iphone won't work there! What good news this is--my husband will be able to live another day. I'll have to make some calls and ask!!! What service do you use?

  4. Annie- are you talking about using it in Egypt? Because American phones don't work in Egypt unless they get "unlocked" and this isn't something I'd recommend if you're planning on using the phone again in the States.

    We bought my iPhone in Egypt so that's why it works there. We use Mobinil but it's available with Vodafone as well in Egypt (and probably Etisalat as well).

    I do have a friend who brought her iPhone with her from the States but I think she got it unlocked and it was working fine last I heard.


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