Thursday, July 08, 2010

Recipe Review: The Roast Beef

There is nothing better than a simple roast beef recipe that you throw in the oven and bring out to all that meaty goodness!  I found this recipe on All and was very pleased with the results.  I actually made this roast beef again today - we get this great eye round roast from our butcher here in Egypt and I couldn't resist making it again.

A few notes I would like to make about making a roast beef, basically some advice I read up on from reviews on this recipe and my own two cents as well.  One is that you leave the roast out for a while to reach room temperature by the time you stick it in the oven so that it cooks evenly.  Secondly, it is important to tie the roast (this really means to tie a string around it at about every 3 inches or so) - keeps it from falling apart when it cooks.  Also make sure you have a meat thermometer - that whole guessing from looking at the inside doesn't really cut it.  You want to make sure the inside reaches the "safe" temperature so that it is cooked thoroughly to the way you like it.
A side note is that I do NOT like a rare roast beef.  Some people can eat it straight off the cow but I am not one of those people.  In recent years I have gotten more "adventurous" and eat my steaks at medium-well (pink but no blood).  But I have sent back a steak that was supposed to be medium well and it had blood coming out of it that was mixing with my mashed potatoes...uggh!  Maybe it's a living abroad thing but I want to make sure that baby is cooked to get all those crazy bacteria that may be lurking inside from Lord knows where good and dead! 
Oh, and the roast will continue to cook once you take it out of the oven so be ready to let it sit for a good 15 minutes before you try to do anything to it.  Plus it is much easier to cut if it's not so pipin' hot coming out of the oven. 

I use an electric knife to cut my roasts with and would highly recommend it.  This tool is very useful for this and other things like whole roast chicken and turkey.  There is a bread knife part on ours that I have never used, but I might break it out if I had some major bread cutting to do.

Happy cooking!

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